What is Red Nation Rising


Are you concerned about:

  • the expanding role of government in our lives?

  • the ballooning federal debt and out-of-control spending?

  • Washington’s failure to pass a budget?

  • the constant stream of ongoing scandals?

  • an ever-growing dependent class hooked on entitlements?

  • elitist politicians who pass laws we, but not they, are expected to follow?

  • constant demands for more of your money through higher taxes?

  • blatant media bias contributing to an uninformed population?

  • the lack of accountability among elected officials?

  • agenda-driven propaganda replacing fact-based critical thinking in our schools?

  • the growing trend toward rule of men, not rule of law?

Well, you’ve come to the RIGHT place!  Whether you consider yourself moderate, centrist, libertarian, tea party, patriot, republican, independent, or any other label, there is a place for you at Red Nation Rising.  We are committed to uniting ALL LABELS in a grass roots movement to return our country to its founding principles; a constitutional republic of limited government to defend our nation and the natural rights of individuals.

This is the Tennessee Chapter of Red Nation Rising.  So come on in, have a look around, and join us!  We look forward to standing with you!

– The Red Nation Rising Social Community